Each year, thousands of migrant workers arrive from the south-east of Turkey and neighbouring countries to the east to work as harvest labourers in the growing regions along the Black Sea. Their working and living conditions during the hazelnut harvest are often problematic.  Many migrant workers do not speak Turkish and have no direct contact with the farmers. They rely on “middle men” who place the migrant workers with the farmers – and often take a cut of the migrant workers’ wages for this service.

Our goal is to improve the working conditions of the migrant workers and optimise agricultural practices on the hazelnut plantations. In the past two years, Delica AG has worked with their suppliers in holding various training courses for farmers, to make them aware of the problem issue of migrant workers and indicate concrete steps they can take.

Today, Delica AG is partnering with UTZ Certified in a three-year pilot project to draw up a sustainability standard for hazelnut cultivation. The UTZ catalogue of requirements includes safe and good working conditions, good agricultural practices and environmental protection. The UTZ-certified farmers will be inspected to ensure compliance with the defined sustainability criteria. The aim is for the first certified hazelnuts to be marketed in early 2016.

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