Obligated to the future: The desire for sustainable manufacturing is all well and good, but it requires a willingness to take concrete action too. This is why our attention and our entire energy are focused on four key values to safeguard natural resources and ensure that we as a company have not only today’s profit on our minds, but future generations too.


We promote advanced cultivation and processing methods as well as renewable energies for the protection of habitats, soil, water and air.

We give priority to rail and sea transport.

We are committed to the economical use of water and energy at our production site.

We are committed to sustainable packaging and its environmentally sound disposal.


We are always in search of the world's finest raw materials. We choose our suppliers carefully and place a premium on fair and long-term cooperation.

We maintain direct contact with our producers.







We place a premium on fair working and living conditions, particularly in the countries where our raw materials originate.

We are committed to the well-being of all employees.

Together with our local producers we initiate innovative projects that benefit everyone involved.


We offer exclusively healthy, natural and high-quality products. Quality is our passion.

Our customers choose us for our expertise – from cultivation to processing and packaging.

We make targeted investments in technical know-how and a modern infrastructure in the countries of origin and in our own facilities.